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Real-World Security Solutions for Today's Insecure World

Respect, Honesty, and Integrity:

The Bedrock of Our Company

As the world evolves, the need for security hasn't been greater.


At 5S Security, we understand those needs and have crafted a team of unparalleled professionals to address and respond to today's fast-paced environment.

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Our Services

Our Services

We provide the finest armed and unarmed guards in the industry. Our guards are extensively vetted and are primarily pooled from law enforcement backgrounds.


Extensive ongoing training ensures readiness for a rapidly changing world, and we offer several dress options, such as uniformed, plainclothes, or suit and tie

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Corporate Security

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Whether armed or unarmed, our guards will greet everyone with a smile while ensuring that your employees, buildings, and premises are secure and protected.



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From creating safety plans to providing kid-friendly guards, we will ensure a safe, secure environment for the kids, staff, and administration in a personable, yet professional way. 

Religious Institutions

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Particularly vulnerable, we understand that danger can lurk at any time. Our guards are trained in active shooter scenarios, human behavior analysis, and threat response tactics.

Event Specialists

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From the initial Security Plan, to the event's end, a dedicated event coordinator will work with you, assessing, addressing, and providing for real-time security needs. Personnel, vehicle presence, and even K9 bomb detection are all available solutions that can be tailored to your specific event and needs.



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Our elite team combines years of law enforcement background, specialty training, and dignitary protection experience. We've protected celebrities, VIP's and high-ranking politicians, and bring an unparalleled level of executive protection to the corporate world.



Efficiency is key to being cost-effective. Your workers should be productive, not busy securing equipment each morning and night. Our experienced guards keep watchful eyes on both your equipment and supplies, saving you time and saving money on every project.

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Fire guards play an important part in keeping the contents and premises of residential homes and buildings safe after a fire.


Guards secure your premises ensuring that flare-ups, vandalism, squatters or elements which can devalue your property and belongings are immediately prevented and/or dealt with.

Our fire guards can keep 24-hour watch over your property, giving residents and homeowners time to take care of everything else without worry.


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Ready to find out what we can do for you?

Win-wins are how we work. Tell us what makes you and your organization tick and we'll come up with the best security plan, keeping your safety and budget in mind.

Not sure what your safety plan should include? We'll give you a free 15-minute phone consultation, and bring case studies of scenarios like yours.

We're all about collaboration, and working together, we are confident that your time will be well spent.

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Why 5S Security?

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Founder Joseph Rodriguez brings more than two decades of law enforcement, military and security experience, in addition to team leadership expertise to our firm.


Established on principles of respect, honesty, and integrity, our teams have proven again and again their core commitment to top-caliber solutions for every client.


The need for security has never been greater. At 5S Security, CEO Joseph and his team of professionals ensure rigorous ongoing training, cutting-edge protocols, and tactical expertise to ensure the highest levels of protection and professionalism in the industry.


Whether your solution requires a single door guard to a facility team of fifty, teams are customized to cater to your organization's individual needs.


We consider each of our clients as family and work closely to ensure your security needs are met and expectations exceeded with professionalism, respect, and courtesy.



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